Adult structures derived from the dilatations of the primitive heart

The primitive heart forms five dilatations, the fates of which are shown in Table III-2-2.

Table III-2-2. Adult Structures Derived From the Dilatations of the Primitive Heart

Embryonic Dilatation

Adult Structure

Pulmonary trunk

Bulbus cordis

Smooth part of right ventricle (conus arteriosus) Smooth part of left ventricle (aortic vestibule)

Primitive ventricle

Trabeculated part of right ventricle Trabeculated part of left ventricle

Primitive atrium

Trabeculated part of right atrium Trabeculated part of left atrium

Sinus venosus

Smooth part of right atrium (sinus venarum)

Coronary sinus

Oblique vein of left atrium

Figure 111-2-8. Formation of Interventricular Septum

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