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1. Answer: C. The mesencephalon (midbrain) contains the substantia nigra, which is the location of the degenerating dopaminergic neurons in Parkinson disease.

2. Answer: E. In Parkinson disease, loss of dopamine enhances the effects of the indirect basal ganglia pathway, which is also driven by cholinergic neurons intrinsic to the striatum. A muscarinic blocker will reduce the stimulatory effects of ACh on the indirect pathway.

3. Answer: D. The patient suffers from hemiballismus, which affects the neurons in the subthalamic nucleus.

Answer: A. The caudate nucleus is a major site of degeneration in Huntington disease.

Hemiballismus Diabetes TreatmentRight Cerebral Hemisphere View
Figure IV-10-1. Lateral View of the Right Cerebral Hemisphere
Cancer Risk Factors Gragh 2017Hemiballismus Treatment Exercises

Figure IV-10-3. The Six-Layered Neocortex

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