Digestive Tract

The major regional characteristics and cell types of the digestive tract are summarized in Table 1-7-1.

Table 1-7-1. Digestive Tract—Regional Comparisons

, Region

Major Characteristics

Mucosal Cell Types at Surface

Function of Surface Mucosal Cells


Nonkeratinized Stratified squamous epithelium; skeletal muscle in muscularis externa (upper 1/3); smooth muscle (lower 1/3)

Stomach: body and fundus

Rugae: shallow pits; deep glands

Mucous cells

Secrete mucus. Form protective layer against acid. Tight junctions between these cells probably contributes to the acid barrier of the epithelium.

Enteroendocrine (EE) cells

Secrete pepsinogen and lipase precursor.

Secrete HCI and intrinsic factor.

Secrete a variety of peptide hormones.

! Stomach: pylorus

Deep pits; shallow branched glands

Mucous cells

Parietal cells EE cells

Same as above.

Same as above.

High concentration of gastrin.




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