Inferior colliculus

The inferior colliculus sends auditory information to the medial geniculate body (MGB) of the thalamus. From the MGB, the auditory radiation projects to the primary auditory cortex located on the posterior portion of the transverse temporal gyrus (Heschi's gyrus; Brodmann areas 41 and 42). The adjacent auditory association area makes connections with other parts of the cortex, including Wernicke's area, the cortical area for the comprehension of language.

Cochlear hair cell

Medial geniculate body

What would a lesion at 1 result in? (See Clinical Correlate)

Inferior colliculus

Lateral lemniscus

Supenor olivary nucleus


Cochlear nucleus

Cerebral cortex

Superior temporal gyrus


Spiral ganglion

Trapezoid body


Figure IV-5-7. Auditory System

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