12. During contraction of skeletal muscle, which of the following does not change in length?

(A) Sarcomere

(D) Myofibril

13. Which component of an intercalated disc provides an attachment site for actin filaments in cardiac muscle?

(A) Sarcoplasmic reticulum

(B) Zonula occludens

(C) Fascia adherens

(D) Gap junction

(E) Tight junction

14. In the peripheral nervous system, which of the following helps promote regeneration of severed axons?

(A) Endoneuriurn

(B) Schraidt-Lanterman cleft

(C) Epineurium

(D) Node of Ranvier

(E) Perineurium

15. What is the first site of hematopoiesis in utero?

(B) Spleen

(C) Bone marrow

(E) Plasma

16. Which of the following cells are found in the neurohypophysis?

(A) Paraventricular cells

(B) Thyrotrophs

(C) Gonadotrophs

(D) Pituicytes

(E) Chromaffin cells

17. Your patient displays large patches of skin lacking pigmentation. You interpret these observations to be characteristic of a patient with

(A) Albinism

(B) Dysplastic nevi

(C) Psoriasis

(D) Vitiligo

(E) Melanoma

medical 89

18. Which hormone increases bicarbonate release into the lumen of the gastrointestinal tract?

(A) Neurotensin

(B) Somatostatin

(C) Secretin

(D) Cholecystokinin

(E) Gastrin

19. In the GI tract, where are the cells that secrete antibacterial enzymes?

(A) In Peyer patches

(B) On intestinal villi

(C) In crypts of Lieberkuhn

(D) In the lamina propria

20. In the kidney, which cells produce erythropoietin?

(A) Mesangial cells

(B) Juxtaglomerular cells

(C) Podocytes

(D) Macula densa ceUs

(E) Henle loop cells

2J. The electron micrograph below illustrates part of a cell that is most likely found in the

(A) trachea

(C) duodenum

90 medical

22. In the electron micrograph below, the structure at "C"

(A) synthesizes steroid hormones

(B) packages proteins bound for export

(C) contains enzymes used in the electron transport chain

(D) synthesizes albumin to be secreted to the space of Disse

(E) stores vitamin A

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