Primary somatosensory cortex

The parietal lobe begins just posterior to the central sulcus with the postcentral gyrus. The postcentral gyrus corresponds to Brodmann areas 3,1, and 2 and contains primary somatosensory cortex. Like primary motor cortex, there is a similar somatotopic representation of the body bere, with head, neck, upper limb, and trunk represented on the lateral aspect of the hemisphere, and pelvis and lower limb represented medially (Figure IV-10-11). These areas are concerned with discriminative touch, vibration, position sense, pain, and temperature. Lesions in somatosensory cortex result in impairment of all somatic sensations on the opposite side of the body, including the face and scalp.

Figure lV-10-11.The Sensory Homunculus In Postcentral Gyrus (Areas 3,1, 2) Parietal Lobe

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