Regions of the Fallopian Tube Infundibulum

The infundibulum is open to the peritoneal cavity with branched processes called fimbriae. It is covered with ciliated cells that beat toward the mouth of the tube.

Before ovulation, estrogens induce engorgement of blood vessels in the fimbriae, which expands the fallopian tube toward the surface of the ovary, Estrogens similarly induce growth and activity of the cilia as well as enhancement of the peristaltic contractions of the fallopian tube.

Figure 1-10-2, Female Reproductive System


The ampulla is the thin-walled, longest region of the oviduct.

• Fertilization usually occurs in the ampulla.

• This is also the most frequent location of ectopic pregnancy.


The isthmus is a narrow, thick-walled segment nearest to the uterine wall.

Uterine (interstitial) segment

The uterine segment is the portion of the tube that traverses the uterine wall.


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