Review Questions

1. An aneurysm that has been detected at the juncture of the anterior cerebral artery and the anterior communicating artery on the right has caused a visual field defect. What might visual field testing reveal?

(A) Macular sparing

(B) A right nasal hemianopsia

(C) A left homonymous hemianopsia with macular sparing

(D) A bitemporal superior quadrantanopsia

(E) A left homonymous inferior quadrantanopsia

2. A 63-year-old laborer was brought to the company doctor by a co-worker who found him wandering aimlessly around the parking lot. The driver had no recollection of how he came to be there. The last thing he remembered was that he was riding to work when he smelled something burning; then he remembered seeing large trucks running up and down the road. The driver was immediately admitted to a hospital where he began suffering from epileptic seizures and olfactory hallucinations. A neurological examination also revealed a visual field deficit. The deficit most likely was

(A) a homonymous hemianopsia

(B) an inferior quadrantanopsia with macular sparing

(C) psychic blindness

(D) anopsia

(E) a superior quadrantanopsia

3. Your patient comes to your office complaining of fuzzy vision and pain in the left eye. When light is presented to the right eye, both pupils constrict; when fight is immediately presented to the left eye, the left pupil paradoxically dilates. You suspect that the patient has

(A) Argyll Robertson pupils

(B) left optic neuritis

(C) internuclear ophthalmoplegia

(D) Horner syndrome

(E) a lesion in the ciliary ganglion

4. You patient has polyuria and develops secondarily amenorrhea at age 25. She tells you that she frequentiy has headaches that do not respond to over-the-counter analgesics. An MRI reveals that the patient has a partially calcified supratentorial tumor, and her neurological exam reveals a visual field deficit. Their visual problem most likely is

(A) an anopsia

(B) an inferior quadrantanopsia

(C) a homonymous hemianopsia with macular sparing

(D) a bitemporal heteronymous hemianopsia

(E) a superior quadrantanopia

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