The accessory nucleus

The accessory nucleus is found in the cervical spinal cord. The axons of the spinal accessory-nerve arise from the accessory nucleus, pass through the foramen magnum to enter the cranial cavity, and join the fibers of the vagus to exit the cranial cavity through the jugular foramen. As a result, intramedullary lesions do not affect fibers of the spinal accessory nerve. The spinal accessory nerve supplies the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles.

The rootlets of the glossopharyngeal (CN IX) and vagus (CN X) nerves exit between the olive and the fibers of the inferior cerebellar peduncle. The hypoglossal nerve (CN XII) exits more medially between the olive and the medullary pyramid.


The pons is located between the medulla (caudally) and the midbrain (rostrally). The cerebellum overlies the pons. It is connected to the brain stem by three pairs of cerebellar peduncles. The fourth ventricle is found between the dorsal surface of the pons and the cerebellum. The ventral surface of the pons is dominated by fibers, which form a large ventral enlargement that carries fibers from pontine nuclei to the cerebellum in the middle cerebellar peduncle. This ventral enlargement is the key distinguishing feature of the pons.

The corticospinal tracts are more diffuse in the pons than in the medulla and are embedded in the transversely coursing fibers that enter the cerebellum in the middle cerebellar peduncle.

The medial lemniscus is still situated near the midline but is now separated from the corticospinal tracts by the fibers forming the middle cerebellar peduncle. The medial lemniscus has changed from a dorsoventral orientation in the medulla to a more horizontal orientation in the pons.

The spinothalamic tract and the descending hypothalamic fibers continue to course together in the lateral pons.

The lateral lemniscus, an ascending auditory padiway, is lateral and just dorsal to the medial lemniscus. The lateral lemniscus carries the bulk of ascending auditory fibers from both cochlear nuclei to the inferior colliculus of the midbrain.

The medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF) is located near the midline just beneath the fourth ventricle.

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