Trigeminal nuclei

Motor Nucleus

The motor nucleus of CNf V is located in the pons just medial to the main sensory nucleus of the trigeminal and adjacent to the point of exit or entry of the trigeminal nerve fibers. These motor fibers supply the muscles of mastication (masseter, temporalis, and medial and lateral pterygoid; Figure rV-5-3).

Sensory Nucleus

The main sensory nucleus is located just lateral to the motor nucleus.

The main sensory nucleus receives tactile and pressure sensations from the face, scalp, oral cavity, nasal cavity, and dura.

Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus

The spinal trigeminal nucleus is a caudal continuation of the main sensory nucleus, extending from the mid pons through the medulla to the cervical cord. Central processes from cells in the trigeminal ganglion conveying pain and temperature sensations from the face descend in the spinal tract of V and synapse on cells in the spinal nucleus.

Mesencephalic Nucleus

The mesencephalic nucleus of CN V is located at the point of entry of the fifth nerve and extends into the midbrain. It receives proprioceptive input from joints, muscles of mastication, extraocular muscles, teeth, and the periodontium. Some of these fibers synapse monosynapti- } cally on the motoneurons, forming the sensory limb of the jaw jerk reflex. ;

Figure IV-5-3. Trigeminal Pathways

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