Theories of Chronic and Pathological Worry

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Chapter 11 The Metacognitive Model of Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder ____ 179

Adrian Wells

Chapter 12 A Cognitive Model of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The Role of

Intolerance of Uncertainty 201

Naomi Koerner and Michel J. Dugas

Chapter 13 A Mood-As-Input Account of

Perseverative Worrying 217

Graham C.L. Davey

Chapter 14 The Cognitive Avoidance Theory of Worry 239

Nicholas J. Sibrava and T.D. Borkovec

Part IV Treatment Methods

Chapter 15 Metacognitive Therapy for Worry and Generalised Anxiety Disorder ____ 259

Adrian Wells

Chapter 16 Applied Relaxation and Cognitive Therapy for Pathological Worry and Generalized Anxiety Disorder ____ 273

T.D. Borkovec

Chapter 17 A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Targeting Intolerance of

Uncertainty 289

Melisa Robichaud and Michel J. Dugas

Chapter 18 Pharmacological Treatments for Worry: Focus on Generalised Anxiety Disorder 305

Ian M. Anderson and Marisha E. Palm

Chapter 19 Case Histories: Treating Worry

Across Disorders 335

Paul King

Chapter 20 The Efficacy of Psychological Treatments for Generalised

Anxiety Disorder? 359

Peter L. Fisher

Chapter 21 Predictors of Treatment Outcome 379

Robert C. Durham

Index 399

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