Ringworm Tinea Fungus Infections

Fungus infections may appear on any part of the body, but occur most frequently on:

the scalp (tinea)

the parts without between the hair (ringwoTm) toes or fingers

(athlete's foot)

between the legs (jock itch)

the scalp (tinea)

the parts without between the hair (ringwoTm) toes or fingers

(athlete's foot)

between the legs (jock itch)

Fungus Between Legs

Most fungus infections grow in the form of a ring. They often itch. Ringworm of the head can produce round patches with scales and loss of hair. Finger and toe nails infected with the fungus become rough and thick.


♦ Soap and water. Washing the infected part every day with soap and water may be all that is needed.

♦ Do your best to keep the affected areas dry and exposed to the air or sunlight. Change underwear or socks often, especially when sweaty.

♦ Use a cream of sulfur and lard (1 part sulfur to 10 parts lard).

♦ Creams and powders with salicylic or undecylenic acid, or tolnaftate ('Tinactin, p. 372) help cure the fungus between the fingers, toes, and groin.

♦ For severe tinea of the scalp, or any fungus infection that is widespread or does not get better with the above treatments, take griseofulvin, 1 gram a day for adults and half a gram a day for children (p. 372). It may be necessary to keep taking it for weeks or even months to completely control the infection.

♦ Many tineas of the scalp clear up when a child reaches puberty (11 to 14 years old). Severe infections forming large swollen patches with pus should be treated with compresses of warm water (p. 195). It is important to pull out all of the hair from the infected part. Use griseofulvin, if possible.

How to prevent fungal infections:

Ringworm and all other fungus infections are contagious (easily spread). To prevent spreading them from one child to others:

♦ Do not let a child with a fungal infection sleep with the others.

♦ Do not let different children use the same comb, or use each other's clothing or towel, unless these are washed or well cleaned first.

♦ Treat an infected child at once.

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