Different Approaches for Different Breasts

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Claudio Cardoso de Castro, Sheyla Maria Caryalho Rodrigues

reasts are the symbol of a woman's femininity. The possibility of restoring a breast's form is a gift God gave to man.

Claudio Cardoso de Castro

Techniques for breast reduction and mastopexy have evolved, as have philosophical concepts. The goal of a mastopexy or a reduction mammaplasty is to achieve breasts with pleasant appearance and firm, adequate size and form with minimal scarring and low rate of complications. Lactation and sexual functions must be preserved. If performed properly, the results are long lasting. The reason women demand aesthetic plastic surgery on their breasts is that they dislike aspects related to their appearance such as volume, shape, or consistency. Patients who undergo a reduction mammaplasty or mastopexy know beforehand that there will be a scar after the surgery. Every breast is different; therefore,every operation is different, and so the scars are different, in quality and appearance, regardless of length. It is the appearance of the scar that matters, not its length.

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How To Reduce Acne Scarring

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