General Considerations

Many factors should be considered in planning breast reconstruction:

™ Stage of the disease: tumor size, palpable lymph nodes.

™ type of ablative surgery:

- Conservative treatment: tumorectomy or quad-rantectomy.

- Mastectomy: modified radical versus skin sparing versus subcutaneous mastectomy.

™ Therapy: chemotherapy, irradiation. ™ General risk factors: smoking, diabetes, etc. ™ Patient expectation.

Depending on the timing of the reconstruction, whether primary or secondary, specific points should be investigated and discussed with the patient: ™ Scar position. ™ Nipple-areola preservation. ™ Size of the reconstructed breast. ™ History of previous irradiation. ™ Status of contralateral breast: indications for prophylactic mastectomy, mastopexy, reduction or augmentation, or no surgery.

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