The Use of Vertical Scar Techniques in Reconstructive Surgery

Moustapha Hamdi, Phillip Blondeel, Koenraad Van Landuyt, Stan Monstrey e who does not possess a thing cannot give it.

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The loss of a breast or part of it can be a major impairment to a woman's body image and feeling of attractiveness. Therefore, reconstructive surgery has developed techniques that provide good aesthetic results. The plastic surgeon, who is involved in breast reconstruction after breast cancer, should have a comprehensive understanding of the biology, natural history, risk factors, and treatment of breast cancer. Psychological factors associated with cancer compound those that come into play following any body deformity, and these must be taken into account by the surgeon. In addition, actual breast reconstruction requires a working knowledge of the full range of aesthetic surgical procedures of the breast as well as the spectrum of breast reconstruction techniques. The ultimate goal of the reconstructive procedure is to achieve good aesthetic, long-lasting results with adequate symmetry.

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