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Ministry Letters Version 2.0 is a software tool that contains letter templates for pastors and secretaries. The powerful software program helps men of God locate just that right letter to send out to either congregation or committee members, and begin to encourage people in ways you have never dreamed of before. The software will make your life simple and stress-free, as well as making sending letters to church members easy and quick. Ministry Letters Version 2.0 comes in an easy-to-download PDF format and is easy to use by virtually anyone. Ministry Letters Version 2.0 is a great product that will make your life easier as a pastor or church secretary. The software includes hundreds of letter templates that you can simply edit and send to the members of the church.Grab the Ministry Letters Version 2.0 and make your life easier.

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Price: $19.95

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Highly Recommended

Ministry Letters is a professionally made product. Professionally done by acknowledged experts in this area of expertise.

In conclusion, I would say that the learning curve for this software is quite steep and lengthy to get the full benefits from it's use. But if you are prepared to put in the hours needed to learn it's full capabilities this piece of software will give you many times that back. I can recommend this software to anyone.

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The Sacredness Of Life

Richard Dunkerly, an evangelical Christian, teacher, and writer states Of all people, Christians should not be the destroyers. We should be the healers and reconcilers. We must show NOW how it will be THEN in the Peaceable Kingdom of Isaiah 11 6 where 'the wolf shall lie down with the lamb and a little child shall lead them.' We can begin now within our homes and churches by teaching our children respect and love for all of God's creation by teaching them. 39 Ellen White, one of the founders of the Seventh-Day Adventist church first advocated a vegetarian diet in 1863.52 But, apparently, she found it difficult to maintain and periodically continued to indulge in meat until 1894. It was a plea from a woman in Australia that fi nally made the impression that was needed to make vegetarianism a permanent commitment. In a letter to friends in the U.S., she wrote When the selfishness of taking the lives of animals to gratify a perverted taste was presented to me by a Catholic woman,...

MI Studies Targeting Pediatric Obesity

Go Girls was a church-based nutrition and physical activity program designed for overweight African American adolescent females (56). Ten predominantly middle-socioeconomic-status churches were randomized to either a high-intensity (20-26 sessions) or moderate-intensity (6 sessions) culturally tailored behavioral group intervention delivered over 6 mo. Each session included an experiential behavioral activity, approx 30 min of physical activity, and preparation and tasting of healthy foods. In the high-intensity group, girls also received 4 to 6 MI telephone counseling calls. Counselors were either health educators with master's degrees or doctorally trained psychologists. All counselors received 2 d of experiential MI training by the first author of this chapter, plus ongoing clinical supervision by doctoral-level psychologists. The telephone calls were synchronized with the group sessions to ensure that the MI calls focused on participants' plans and progress regarding the same...