Changes In Texture

a. General. Changes in the texture of the product caused by physical changes may include brittleness, friability, crumbling, hardening, caking, coagulation, lack of crispness, liquefaction, evaporation, turbidity, separation, sedimentation, and crystallization.

b. Brittleness/Friability/Crumbling. These texture changes are related to loss of moisture over a period of time.

c. Hardening. This change may be due to chemical reactions, improper ingredient formulation, or loss of moisture.

d. Caking/Lack of Crispness. This is a result of a gain in moisture.

e. Coagulation. This change is due to pH changes and/or high temperatures.

f. Liquefaction. This texture change is the breakdown of a solid or gel product into a liquid state. Liquefaction is basically caused by an increased temperature.

g. Evaporation. Evaporation is the loss of moisture from the product due to improper storage conditions.

h. Turbidity/Sedimentation. This change is due to breakdown of the product due to improper storage. Sedimentation is evidenced by the presence of solid particles separating out in a fluid medium. Turbidity is associated with incomplete sedimentation of solid particles resulting in a cloudiness of the fluid media.

i. Separation. Separation is due to storage of a product at high temperatures and usually occurs in emulsified products such as salad dressing. The product breaks down into several components.

j. Crystallization. This is a formation of crystalline objects not normally found in a product. It is due to high temperatures and improper product formulation.

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