Column A Columnb

18. __Honeydew melon. d. Moderate to low.

20. __Cantaloupe.

INSTRUCTIONS. The following exercises are to be answered by marking the lettered response that best answers the question or best completes the incomplete statement or by writing the answer in the space provided.

21. Tomatoes are especially susceptible to:

b. Fermentation defect.

c. Gray mold rot.

d. Anthracnose.

22. A common deteriorative condition of celery is:

a. Bacterial soft rot.

b. Black mold rot.

c. Watery soft rot.

d. Blight.

23. Select the genera that produces fermentation defect in fruits.

a. Alternaria.

b. Torulopsis.

c. Penicillium.

d. Botrytis.

e. Rhizopus.

24. Which of the following is most affected by stem-end rot?

a. Muskmelons.

b. Bananas.

c. Watermelons.

d. Berries.

e. Peaches.

25. Dry rot is a deteriorative condition most common to:

a. Potatoes.

b. Green beans.

c. Carrots.

d. Sweet potatoes.

e. Cabbage.

26. Anthracnose is a microbial condition of all the following EXCEPT:

a. Watermelons.

b. Green beans.

c. Tomatoes.

d. Onions.

27. Select the genera that cause spoilage in berries.

a. Pichia.

c. Sclerotinia.

d. Saccharomyces.

e. Leuconostoc.

28. All of the following vegetables are moderately susceptible to freeze injury EXCEPT:

a. Spinach.

b. Carrots.

d. Cauliflower.

e. Broccoli.

29. All of the following are moderately susceptible to chill injury EXCEPT:

a. Snap beans.

c. Cucumbers.

d. Watermelons.

e. Bell peppers.

30. Under improper storage conditions, which of the following is more likely to evidence loss of turgor?

a. Lettuce.

b. Eggplant.

c. Green beans.

e. Onions.

31. Which tomatoes tolerate low temperatures better?

a. Mature-greens.

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