Deterioration Of Semiperishable Subsistence Section I Deteriorative Conditions In Semiperishable Subsistence 61 Introduction

a. Duty of a 91R20. As a 91R20 veterinary food inspection specialist, you must verify the presence of deteriorative conditions in semiperishable subsistence. As appropriate, you will confirm the inspection findings which indicate the presence of deteriorative subsistence. Deteriorative conditions include abnormal color(s), off-odor(s), abnormal texture(s), off-color(s), foreign material, and so forth.

b. Duty of a 91R10. The 91R10 veterinary food inspection specialist's findings do not identify the deteriorative condition. Rather he notes abnormalities of inspected product that may indicate the presence of a deteriorative condition. These abnormalities may be of the packaging material (for example, swollen containers) or of the product itself.

c. Importance of Normal Characteristics. Due to the variability of semiperishable items, you must be familiar with characteristics exhibited by the normal product and use them as a standard to detect deteriorative conditions.

d. Commercially Sterile Products. In low-acid canned foods, the thermal process is enough to make the food commercially sterile. Commercial sterility of food means that heat is applied in such a way as to render such foods free of:

(1) Viable forms of microorganisms having public health significance.

(2) Other microorganisms of nonhealth significance but capable of reproducing in the food under normal nonrefrigerated storage and distribution.

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