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INSTRUCTIONS. The following exercises are to be answered by marking the lettered response that best answers the question or best completes the incomplete statement or by writing the answer in the space provided.

After you have completed all the exercises, turn to "Solutions to Exercises" at the end of the exercises and check your answers. For each incorrect answer, reread the material referenced after the answer.

1. Under storage conditions which foster a moist meat surface, spoilage is due to gram-negative bacteria, especially_species.

2. The water activity of a product is an index of the availability of water for and

3. The main conditions of microbial spoilage in poultry are_and

4. Slime is a descriptive term which describes the__

of microbial cells on the__as the result of extensive growth.

5. The development of gas in cured meats is usually due to bacteria and

6. A_test may have to be performed to evaluate the flavor of meat and meat products since rancid flavors may not be evident at the low temperatures at which meat and meat products are stored.

7. A brownish discoloration on the cut or outside surface of ham or sausage is often associated with .

8. Fading of cured meats may be due to insufficient_in the cure or exposure to_.

9. Greening of acid-cured meat products is due to__, which is due to an excess of nitrite in the cure.

10. Dilute solutions of hydrogen peroxide will cause a_or_

of a cured meat surface.

11. Bacterial greening of sausages is due to the following genera of microorganisms:

12. Green cores of bacterial origin are seen rather commonly in larger sausages. A common microorganism associated with green cores in sausages is_

13. Oxymyoglobin is due to the_of myoglobin.

14. List the normal colors of the following fresh meat pigments:

15. Label each of the compounds below with its color. Such colors may be seen in cured red meat.

b. Nitrosomyoglobin__.

c. Metmyoglobin_.

d. Nitrosohemochrome___.

16. The odor of ammonia is readily absorbed into the__of a meat product.

17. Carcasses of cattle displaying lesions of Cysticercus bovis should be if the infestation is extensive.

18. Pork measles is due to the cystic form of__, which is the pork tapeworm of man.

19. Man becomes infected with trichinosis by eating the larval stage of_

_in_or_pork products.

20. Oxidative rancidity in meat and meat products considered a potential health hazard because of the formation of_which has been reported to be_.

21. The foods involved in Clostridium perfringens foodborne illness outbreaks are most commonly meat and meat products which have been_and left at warm temperatures for_.

22. The disease hydatidosis in humans comes from infected meat and is caused by the cyst of the parasite:

a. Taenia solium.

b. Echinococcus granulosis.

c. Taenia saginata.

d. Fascioloides magna.

23. White spots in meat or meat products are caused by:

a. Thamnidium.

b. Cladosporium.

c. Sporotrichum.

d. Leuconostoc.

24. The principal spoilage organisms of poultry are species of:

a. Salmonella.

b. Streptococcus.

c. Lactobacillus d. Brucella.

e. Pseudomonas.

25. In which of the following is the inspector more likely to find cabbage odor?

a. Sausages.

b. Vacuum packaged meat (fresh)

c. Fresh red meats.

d. Vacuum packaged meat (cured).

26. In which of the following is the inspector more likely to find gassiness and bone and meat sours?

c. Poultry.

d. Sausages.

e. Fresh red meats.

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