Potential Recommendations

The following subsistence disposition recommendations may be used by the veterinary food inspection specialist.

a. Normal Issue. The product has no, or very little, deterioration present and can be handled and used in the manner for which it was procured.

b. Rework, Repack, Recoup. The product or food item has deterioration present but part of the product is still serviceable or useable. Remove the deteriorated product from the lot, consolidate the good into another lot, and issue that useable lot.

c. Overissue. The product has deterioration present. The percent loss or deterioration is determined by the veterinary food inspection specialist. The accountable officer will issue more product than requested to compensate for the percent deterioration or loss. The amount of overissue will equal the percent loss.

d. Issue by (Date). The product shows signs of deterioration. The veterinary food inspection specialist will estimate the remaining shelf life and recommend issue by this date.

e. Consume by (Date). This product also shows signs of deterioration. The veterinary food inspection specialist estimates the remaining shelf life and then recommends consumption of the product by this date.

f. Hold. A determination on the condition of the product is made. In the course of the inspection, it is found that the product needs to be sent either to the laboratory for testing and analysis or held for further inspection. Therefore, the product is suspended from issue.

g. Condemn. The product is found to be unfit for human consumption or for its intended purpose. The item will be disposed of through accepted local channels according to unit standing operating procedures (SOP).

h. Issue Locally. The product is not suitable for shipment. The item must be utilized locally and a like product, that is in better condition, must be shipped.

i. Priority Issue. This recommendation is applicable to DPSC perishable subsistence. This term indicates a decrease in serviceability. The product is to be issued as soon as possible.

NOTE: Other terms may be listed in documents pertaining to specific situations. The terms "Issue by (date)" and "Consume by (date)" allow the accountableofficer to use any method he desires to move the product.

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