a. Inspector Action. Utilizing all known information regarding the deteriorative meat and meat products, you will make recommendations concerning the product. Complete the appropriate forms and reports in accordance with local SOP.

b. A Potential Health Hazard. If you determine that a potential health hazard exists or is suspected to exist, you must notify the veterinary officer.

c. Destination Inspection. If you find no potential health hazard in a destination/ procurement inspection, you must determine the compliance of the product based upon comparison of known information with information taken from the inspection data packet or local SOP.

d. Surveillance Inspection. If you find no health hazard in a surveillance inspection, you must determine serviceability after comparing known information with standards established by DLA 4155.37, Appendix S; DPSC Manual 4155.7; AR 40-656; or local SOP as applicable. You must consider the following factors:

(1) Suitability for intended use.

(2) Expected usage date.

(3) Amount of product in storage.

(4) Storage environment.

e. Disposition of the Sample. Following the determination of recommendations, you must determine the disposition of the sample. See subcourse MD0704, Inspection Records and Reports, for further information.

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