Section Iv Deteriorative Conditions In Shell Eggs 426 Introduction

a. Responsibility. As a 91R20 veterinary food inspection specialist, you must verify the presence of deteriorative conditions in shell eggs.

b. Storage and Handling. Because shell eggs are delicate, they must be stored under controlled temperature and must be handled with care. Rough handling may cause the shells to crack or leak or the air cells inside the eggs may break loose and move about.

c. Importance of Humidity Control. Humidity must be maintained at an accurate level. When it is too high, moisture develops on the eggs and sometimes causes mold to grow inside the shell eggs. When it is too low, the shell eggs may dehydrate on the inside.

d. Potential Deterioration During Storage. Because deterioration can take place on the inside of shell eggs, the supply in storage may be in an advanced stage of deterioration before the problem is discovered.

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