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The Best Head Lice Remedy Summary

Contents: EBook
Author: Joy Elizabeth
Official Website: www.bestheadliceremedy.com
Price: $17.97

Louse Borne Relapsing Fever

The vector of epidemic relapsing fever is the body louse, Pediculus humanus corporis, and possibly the head louse P humanus capitis, which only feed on humans in nature.22 Nonhuman primates can be experimentally infected with B. recurrentis, but it appears that humans are the critical reservoirs for maintenance of the pathogen in nature. After entering the midgut of the feeding louse, the B. recurrentis move to the hemolymph, where they may persist for the approximately 3-week life span of the louse. They do not migrate to the salivary glands or appear in the feces. Instead, humans become infected with B. recurrentis when they crush an infected louse with fingers or pop one with their teeth. The organism is

Prevention And Control

Louse-borne relapsing fever can be prevented by avoiding infestation or contact with human body and possibly head lice. Although humans are reservoirs of the infection, there is no direct human-to-human transmission, with the exception of transplacental or perinatal transmission or contact with blood. The body louse lives in clothing and only attaches to the skin when feeding. Reduction of crowding, improved personal hygiene, and better access to washing facilities greatly decreases the potential for louse-borne diseases. More specific and immediate measures for delousing patients and household or shelter contacts are bathing, shaving of the scalp, and application of one of the following 1 lindane shampoo (Kwell) or powder 0.5 permethrin powder 1 permethrin soap, lotion, or shampoo 10 DDT powder 5 carbaryl powder or 1 malathione powder.27,85 The insecticides can be mixed with talcum powder. Infested clothes and bedding materials should washed in water that is at least 60 C and with...

The school nurse refers a firstgrade student to you because of nits in the childs hair

Lice are obligate parasites of the human host. There are three types (J) body or clothing lice, (2) head lice, and (3) pubic lice. Treatment. Treatment for P. corporis (body lice) is permethrin cream. If the eyelashes are infested with lice petrolatum should be applied to alleviate the problem. P. capitis (head lice) is treated with permethrin 1 cream rinse. Nits can be removed from the hair with a fine-tooth comb. Treatment for P. pubis is application of a pyrethrin shampoo. In addition, clothes, bed linens, and towels must be laundered in hot water for all types of lice.

Geographic Distribution

Epidemics of head lice occur in schools in developed countries (Maternal and Child Health 1983 8 51), while it is endemic in the schools of developing countries. Generally, infestation is related to poverty and the lack of hygiene. We have found out that up to 33 of the school children in suburban and rural areas may be infested. The families of infested children usually also are infested. Children are more prone to be infested at home than at school (Proceedings of the Royal Institution of Great Britain 1983 55). In a study done in 944 school age children, we found that knowledge about its infestation reduces the risk of contagium ( Paredes S, Estrada R, Chavez G et al. Int J Dermatol 1997 36 826-830). In our series men were less often infested than women. Long and or dirty hair was a risk factor in our patients. This contradicts the study which reports infestation to be common in children with clean and short hair (Head Lice Advice. BLM Publications Croydon, 1986).


Pediculosis is an ecoparasitosis caused by hematophagous wingless insects (lice) of the gender Anoplura. In humans infestation is caused by Pediculus humanus capitis or head louse, Pediculus humanus humanus or body louse, and Phtiruspubis or pubic louse. Pediculus h. humanus and capitis, may in addition transmit infectious diseases such as endemic typhus, relapsing fever and other rickettsial diseases (Lancet 1993 342 1213-15), especially among victims during war time (Isr J Med Sci 1993 29 371-73). Both varieties seem to be closely related and may interbreed nevertheless, different species must be considered since their feeding habits, survival requirements and habits are different (Primary Care. Clinics in Office Practice. Saunders 1989 551-68).

Pubic Lice

Tear Drop Shape Mites Skin

Pubic lice, Phthirus pubis, are small, macroscopic parasites that are generally sexually transmitted, annoying, and medically trivial. Fomites also are known to transmit lice. Also called ''crabs,'' these organisms localize to the pubic hair and eyelashes, and these are distinct from head lice. The management of pubic lice includes a screen for other sexually transmitted diseases, as these have been reported to occur more often in patients with pubic lice (66). Treatment consists of the elimination of the lice, destruction of nits, and the treatment of fomites. Lindane applied topically overnight generally kills the lice and the nits, although the nits remain glued to the hair shaft. Alternatively, over-the-counter pyrethrin or permethrin are also effective, but resistance to pyrethrin has been reported (67). The nits can be left in place, removed by shaving the affected hair, or removed with a nit comb, a very fine comb often included with the medication. Resistance of pubic lice,...

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The Best Home Remedies For Head Lice

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