Crc Series In Modern Nutrition

Edited by Ira Wolinsky and James F. Hickson, Jr.

Published Titles

Manganese in Health and Disease, Dorothy J. Klimis-Tavantzis Nutrition and AIDS: Effects and Treatments, Ronald R. Watson Nutrition Care for HIV-Positive Persons: A Manual for Individuals and Their Caregivers,

Saroj M. Bahl and James F. Hickson, Jr. Calcium and Phosphorus in Health and Disease, John J.B. Anderson and Sanford C. Garner

Edited by Ira Wolinsky

Published Titles

Practical Handbook of Nutrition in Clinical Practice, Donald F. Kirby and Stanley J. Dudrick Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition, Gregory D. Miller, Judith K. Jarvis, and Lois D. McBean Advanced Nutrition: Macronutrients, Carolyn D. Berdanier Childhood Nutrition, Fima Lifschitz

Nutrition and Health: Topics and Controversies, Felix Bronner

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention, Ronald R. Watson and Siraj I. Mufti

Nutritional Concerns of Women, Ira Wolinsky and Dorothy J. Klimis-Tavantzis

Nutrients and Gene Expression: Clinical Aspects, Carolyn D. Berdanier

Antioxidants and Disease Prevention, Harinda S. Garewal

Advanced Nutrition: Micronutrients, Carolyn D. Berdanier

Nutrition and Women's Cancers, Barbara Pence and Dale M. Dunn

Nutrients and Foods in AIDS, Ronald R. Watson

Nutrition: Chemistry and Biology, Second Edition, Julian E. Spallholz,

L. Mallory Boylan, and Judy A. Driskell Melatonin in the Promotion of Health, Ronald R. Watson Nutritional and Environmental Influences on the Eye, Allen Taylor Laboratory Tests for the Assessment of Nutritional Status, Second Edition, H.E. Sauberlich

Advanced Human Nutrition, Robert E.C. Wildman and Denis M. Medeiros Handbook of Dairy Foods and Nutrition, Second Edition, Gregory D. Miller,

Judith K. Jarvis, and Lois D. McBean Nutrition in Space Flight and Weightlessness Models, Helen W. Lane and Dale A. Schoeller

Eating Disorders in Women and Children: Prevention, Stress Management, and Treatment, Jacalyn J. Robert-McComb Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Treatment, Jana Parízková and Andrew Hills Alcohol and Coffee Use in the Aging, Ronald R. Watson Handbook of Nutrition in the Aged, Third Edition, Ronald R. Watson Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs in Health Promotion, Ronald R. Watson Nutrition and AIDS, Second Edition, Ronald R. Watson Advances in Isotope Methods for the Analysis of Trace Elements in Man,

Nicola Lowe and Malcolm Jackson Nutritional Anemias, Usha Ramakrishnan

Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods, Robert E. C. Wildman

The Mediterranean Diet: Constituents and Health Promotion, Antonia-Leda Matalas,

Antonis Zampelas, Vassilis Stavrinos, and Ira Wolinsky Vegetarian Nutrition, Joan Sabaté

Nutrient- Gene Interactions in Health and Disease, Naïma Moustaïd-Moussa and Carolyn D. Berdanier Micronutrients and HIV Infection, Henrik Friis

Tryptophan: Biochemicals and Health Implications, Herschel Sidransky Forthcoming Titles

Handbook of Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements and Pharmaceuticals,

Robert E. C. Wildman Insulin and Oligofructose: Functional Food Ingredients, Marcel B. Roberfroid Nutritional Aspects and Clinical Management of Chronic Diseases, Felix Bronner


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