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Piles Hemorrhoids

Piles or hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the anus or rectum, which feel like little lumps or balls. They may be painful, but are not dangerous. They frequently appear during pregnancy and may go away afterwards. Certain bitter plant juices (witch hazel, cactus, etc.) dabbed on hemorrhoids help shrink them. So do hemorrhoid suppositories (p. 392). Sitting in a bath of warm water can help the hemorrhoid heal. Very large hemorrhoids may require an operation. Get medical advice. If a hemorrhoid begins to bleed, the bleeding can sometimes be controlled by pressing with a clean cloth directly on the hemorrhoid. If the bleeding still does not stop, seek medical advice. Or try to control the bleeding by removing the clot that is inside the swollen vein. Tweezers like these can be used after they have been sterilized by boiling.


Internal hemorrhoids can be seen as smoothly marginated and curved filling defects that project into the rectal vault, lying adjacent to the rectal tube tip (Fig. 14.1). In contradistinction, low rectal cancers will normally have shouldering, and arise some distance from the anus itself. Physical examination usually confirms the presence of internal hemorrhoids. If the remainder of the colorectum has been cleared of significant lesions, a limited proctoscopic or sigmoidoscopic examination can be performed, if digital examination is nondiagnostic.

Raman C Mahabir Jochen Son Hing Alda L Tam and Alex D Vastardis

Operations for abscess drainage, amputations, cataract operations, tonsillectomy, neck tumor excision, lithotomy, obstetrical procedures, bowel obstructions, hemorrhoids, and anal fistulas were described in the Susruta-samhita long before they were ever adopted in Western medicine. A special chapter in the book is dedicated entirely to the pathology and treatment of fractures.

Correct Uses Of Laxatives And Purges

Laxatives One can use milk of magnesia or other magnesium salts in small doses, as laxatives, in some cases of constipation. People with hemorrhoids (piles, p. 175) who have constipation can take mineral oil but this only makes their stools slippery, not soft. The dose for mineral oil is 3 to 6 teaspoons at bedtime (never with a meal because the oil will rob the body of important vitamins in the food). This is not the best way.

Disorders Of The Intestines

Hemorrhoids (or piles) are ulcerations of the hemorrhoidal vein (a vein which lies in close proximity to the external mucosa of the anus). Pain, itching, and general discomfort are the usual symptoms associated with hemorrhoids. However, complications such as infection or obstruction may arise. It is surgically possible to remove hemorrhoids.

Femoral Herniastrangulated

Discussion External hemorrhoids are dilatations of the anal veins from the inferior hemorrhoidal plexus, which drains into the internal pudendal veins. Internal hemorrhoids lie above the mucocutaneous junction (pectinate line) and belong to the superior hemorrhoidal plexus, which drains into the portal vein through the inferior mesenteric vein. Internal hemorrhoids are painless (visceral innervation) and are covered by mucosa. External hemorrhoids are painful (somatic innervation) and are covered by skin.

Chapter Summary continued

Ischemic bowel disease is the result of decreased blood flow and ischemia of the bowel secondary to atherosclerosis with thrombosis, thromboembolism, or reduced cardiac output from shock. Hemorrhoids are tortuous dilated submucosal veins caused by increased venous pressure. Angiodysplasia is arteriovenous malformation of the intestines. Melanosis coli is a black pigmentation of the colon that is common with laxative abuse. Pseudomembranous colitis is characterized by formation of inflammatory pseudomembranes in the intestine following infection by Clostridium difficile.

Macroscopic Examination

When blood is present in feces in gross amounts, the color of the stool specimen may be red, gray, or black. Some common causes of large amounts of blood in fecal specimens are nosebleeds, esophageal varices, ulcers, carcinoma of the gastrointestinal tract, and hemorrhoids. When blood is present in trace (occult) amounts, chemical tests are required for detection. Meat in an individual's diet may cause reactions in some of the chemical tests. Thus, the patient should be placed on a meat-free diet for two or three days before the test for reliable results.

Proctoscopy Sigmoidoscopy Proctosigmoidoscopy

Proctoscopic examinations are used to diagnose anal hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse, abscesses, fissures, polyps, and malignancies. They can also be used to identify and evaluate inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative and granulomatous colitis. Regional enteritis, intestinal ischemia, and irritable bowel syndrome can be diagnosed and assessed via proctoscopy.

Appendiceal Stump Odematous Colonoscopy

Appendiceal Stump Coloscopy

Hemorrhoids can be tiny or extremely large, mimicking tumoral pathology. They typically appear as linear, smoothly delineated mucosal irregularities proximal to the ano-rectal margin (Figs. 8.32 and 8.33). Fig. 8.32a,b. False positive diagnosis internal haemorrhoids a axial image shows irregular, linear structures at the anorectal region (arrows) b corresponding endoluminal 3D image shows linear, smoothly delineated structures at the anorectal junction. (arrows) Fig. 8.32a,b. False positive diagnosis internal haemorrhoids a axial image shows irregular, linear structures at the anorectal region (arrows) b corresponding endoluminal 3D image shows linear, smoothly delineated structures at the anorectal junction. (arrows) Fig. 8.33a,b. False positive diagnosis internal haemorrhoids. (cont'd) (note different patient from Fig. 32) a axial image shows a small polyp-like nodule in the anorectal region. (arrow). Arrowhead thin rectal tube b corresponding endoluminal 3D image shows a linear,...

Perforated Gastric Ulcer

Alcoholic hepatitis gives rise to fibrosis ( CIRRHOSIS) of the liver, which increases portal vein resistance. With the development of portal hypertension (> 10 mmHg), there are portal-systemic anastomoses formed such as the left gastric-azygous (esophageal varices), the superior-middle and inferior rectal veins (hemorrhoids), the paraumbilical-inferior gastric (navel caput medusae), and the retroperitoneal-renal vein system.

Chemical Testing of Feces

Hemorrhoids, lower Gl bleed Variations from Normal. Black, tarry stool is associated with upper gastrointestinal bleeding consistent with ulcers and varices. Bright red stool is indicative of lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding as seen in hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis, and cancer.

Luis H Toledo Pereyra

As a superb surgical professional, Galen made his mark. He operated on tumors, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, hydroceles, abdominal walls, intestines, and nasal polyps, and performed cleft-lip reconstructions and other procedures.9-11 He utilized common surgical instruments of the time, such as scalpels, forceps, hooks, arrow extractors, retractors, and scissors.9-11 He was a formidable surgical tactician with incredible anatomical and physiological knowledge, which he extrapolated into sound surgical practice. He advanced surgery by acknowledging well-known principles, improving surgical techniques, and enhancing his vast experience with gladiators, which permitted him to achieve better outcomes than his contemporaries.2,3,7,9

The Physical Exam

While people who suffer from ulcerative colitis often have a normal anal exam, those with Crohn disease can show any one of a number of abnormalities, many of which are very painful. Among these are hemorrhoids anal fissures (cracks in the lining of the anus, which are extraordinarily painful) thick, cauliflower-like mounds that are quite tender false openings called sinus tracts, which often give off a discharge and perianal

Ancient China

Examples of prescriptions include one where animal parts were mixed in wine to procure an abortion rub a mixture of lizard's liver, skin of the cicada locust and wine on to the navel. Or the flesh of a pit viper was prepared by placing the snake in a gallon of wine then burying the sealed jar under a horse's stall for one year. The resultant liquid was a cure for apoplexy, fistula, stomach pain, heart pain, colic, haemorrhoids, worms, flatulence and bleeding from the bowel. Alcoholism could be cured by donkey's placenta mixed in wine, the liver of a black cat in wine for malaria, and to cure a bad cold an owl was smothered to death, plucked and boiled, its bones charred and taken with wine (Read 1931-7).

Patient Preparation

Once the patient is ready and lying on the CT scanner table, a suitably qualified practitioner may choose to perform a rectal examination. This may be helpful for several reasons detecting an occlusive tumour will avoid a potentially difficult and unsafe rectal catheter insertion and anal sphincter tone can be assessed quickly, which may influence the choice of catheter or method of insufflation. Digital rectal examination may also aid subsequent interpretation which can be particularly challenging in the rectum due to the frequent presence of haemorrhoids and redundant rectal mucosa. Despite these advantages, rectal examination may not always be appropriate, particularly for an asymptomatic screening population. One compromise is to only perform a rectal examination in patients with symptoms of rectal cancer, such as rectal bleeding or in those suspected of having poor anal tone (see section below).


Internal Hemorrhoids Endoscopy

Sixty-eight-year-old male with large internal hemorrhoids at endoscopy. a) axial CT image, b) 3D endoluminal image at CT colonography. Note the smoothly marginated and curved filling defects (arrow) that project into the rectal vault, lying adjacent to the rectal tube tip (arrowhead) Fig. 14.1a,b. Sixty-eight-year-old male with large internal hemorrhoids at endoscopy. a) axial CT image, b) 3D endoluminal image at CT colonography. Note the smoothly marginated and curved filling defects (arrow) that project into the rectal vault, lying adjacent to the rectal tube tip (arrowhead)


FINDINGS After historical and physical assessment appropriate for this procedure, the patient was placed on triple monitoring and put in the left lateral decubitus position. He was given IV sedation. A rectal exam revealed a generous prostate. The colonoscope was introduced and advanced through quite a loopy sigmoid to the cecum. Reaching the cecum was facilitated by placing him in the right lateral decubitus position when the scope was at the level of the midtransverse colon. Then advancing it was quite easy. Landmarks were unequivocally identified, including the ileocecal valve, the terminal ileum, which was transiently visualized, and the appendiceal orifice. On slow withdrawal and careful inspection of the mucosa, the above polyps were noted and removed with a minisnare and recovered for pathologic examination. A diminutive polyp at 40 cm was cauterized, and retroflex view of the anal ring showed grade 2 internal hemorrhoids.

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