Therapy and Prognosis

Specific antituberculous tri- or quadritherapy given for a minimum of 6-9 months allows the corticosteroid and/or immunosuppressant therapy to be progressively diminished and in some patients to be stopped. Specific therapy is also useful as a therapeutic trial in doubtful cases. In a recent study we showed that immuno-suppressive therapy could be stopped in most cases after specific therapy was introduced, recurrences dropped significantly, visual function increased, inflammation subsided and intraocular pressure reduced [51].

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

How To Deal With Rosacea and Eczema

Rosacea and Eczema are two skin conditions that are fairly commonly found throughout the world. Each of them is characterized by different features, and can be both discomfiting as well as result in undesirable appearance features. In a nutshell, theyre problems that many would want to deal with.

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