Abstracts And Indexes

Analytical Abstracts. 1980- . London, England: Royal Society of Chemistry. Weekly. Electronic version of the printed monthly journal covering applications and methods of interest to the analytical chemist. Areas covered include: chromatogra-phy, electrophoresis, spectrometry, radiochemical methods, clinical and biochemical analysis, pharmaceutical analysis, and drugs in biological fluids. Indexes over 100 journals, with 1400 abstracts added each month. Available online.

Beilstein. 1771- . Frankfurt, Germany: Beilstein Institute. According to the Institute, this is the world's largest database in the area of organic chemistry. Coverage and includes over 35 million records with 9.3 million chemical structures. Chemical identification for each record includes the chemical structure, Beilstein registry number, chemical name, and molecular formula. Reaction information, physical and chemical properties, pharmacology, and bibliographic citations are also provided. Available online.

CAplus. 1907- . Columbus, OH: Chemical Abstracts Service. Daily. The bibliographic database from Chemical Abstracts. Provides worldwide references from over 9500 scientific journals and patent references from more than 50 patent-issuing authorities. Scope includes all areas of chemistry, biomedical sciences, engineering, and materials science, as well as other scientific disciplines. In addition to journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, books, dissertations, and meeting abstracts are fully indexed. Approximately 3000 new records are added daily.

CASREACT®. 1840- . Columbus, OH: Chemical Abstracts Service. Weekly. Contains single-step and multistep reaction information from journals and patent documents. Information consists of structure diagrams for reactants and products, CAS Registry numbers for all compounds listed, textual reaction information. Available online.

CAS Registry. 1957- . Columbus, OH: Chemical Abstracts Service. Daily. Contains substance information for more than 25 million organic and inorganic substances and 56 million sequences, going back in some cases to the early 1900s. Approximately 4000 new substances are added daily. Available online.

Current Contents®Life Sciences. Philadelphia, PA: Institute for Scientific Information. Weekly. Current awareness service providing tables of contents from over 1370 life sciences journals. Current Contents is divided into seven broad disciplinary sections, with Medicinal Chemistry coverage included in the Life Sciences section. Available online.

Index Chemicus® 1991- . Philadelphia, PA: Institute for Scientific Information. Monthly. A text and substructure-searchable database with coverage of over one million structures published in the literature. Contains reaction diagrams and summaries, full bibliographic information and author abstracts. Available online.

MDL® Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry. 1900- . San Leandro, CA: Elsevier MDL. Annual. Information is derived from the Drug Compendium in Pergamon's Comprehensive Medicinal Chemistry. The database provides 3D models and biochemical properties for over 8400 pharmaceutical compounds. Available online.

Science Citation Index®. Philadelphia, PA: Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Weekly. Provides bibliographic information, author abstracts, and cited references from over 3700 leading scholarly and technical journals. The unique feature of this database is the ability to perform cited reference searching. ISI offers an expanded version through their Web of Science, which covers over 5800 journals, with files going back to 1945. Available online.

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