Database Directories

Database issue, Nucleic Acids Research. Oxford University Press. URL: First issue of each year a guide to databases. 700+ databases described/linked to 2005. New Open access policy since 2004 database issue. Commercial databases now eligible for inclusion.

NCBI Handbook: Guide to Databases and Bioinformatics. 2003- . National Center for Biotechnology Information, NLM, NIH. URL: call=bv.View.ShowSection&rid=handbook. NCBI databases and search engines with information on how the databases work and how they can be leveraged for bioinformatics research on a larger scale.

Introduction to Molecular Biology Databases. 1994-2004. R. Apweiler, R. Lopez, B. Marx, UniProt, SWISS-PROT, Switzerland. URL: mbd1.html. Contents include bibliographic, taxonomy, nucleotide sequence, genetic, and protein sequence databases; PIR, SWISS-PROT, and TrEMBL; and specialized protein, protein sequence, secondary protein, and structure databases.

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