Biotechnology Information Directory. Cato Research. URL: Information sources, publications, products, services, software, companies, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, education, employment, RSS feed.

Nature BioEntrepreneur. URL: bioent/. Portal to the annual summer Nature Biotechnology supplement.

NIH Roadmap for Medical Research Public-Private Partnerships. URL: index.asp.

BioSupplyNet. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. URL: Biomedical research supplies and services.

Nature Biotechnology Directory. Nature Publishing Group. URL: Profiles companies, institutions, associations, and regulatory bodies.

GeneTests. Children's Health Center and University of Washington. URL: Includes gene reviews, laboratory directory, clinic directory, educational materials, glossary. 200+ GeneReviews, 1100+ clinics, 500+ labs, 1000+ diseases (clinical and research).

Biopharmaceutical Glossaries. URL: http://www.genomicglos Free registration encouraged.

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