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BMC Pharmacology. 2001- . BioMedCentral. Electronic. elSSN: 1471-2210. URL: http://www.biomedcentral.com/ bmcpharmacol/. Covers discovery, design, effects, modes of action of therapeutic agents and metabolism of chemically defined therapeutic and toxic agents.

Cancer Gene Therapy. 1994- . London, U.K/: Nature Publishing. Monthly. ISSN: 0929-1903. URL: http://www.nature.com/ cgt/. Presents results of laboratory investigations, preclinical studies, and clinical trials in the field of gene transfer/gene therapy as applied to cancer research, case reports, preliminary communications, review articles, and industry perspectives (descriptions of the newest technology being developed in the corporate sector).

Current Opinion in Drug Discovery & Development. 2000- . U.K.: Thomson Current Drugs. 6 issues/yr. ISSN: 0929-1903. URL: http://www.current-drugs.com/coddd/. New chemical entities, intermediates, synthetic pathways, formulations, and the latest developments in enabling technologies disclosed within patents are discussed.

Gene Therapy. 1994-. London: Nature Publishing. 24 issues/yr. ISSN: 0969-7128. URL: http://www.nature.com/gt/. Research and clinical applications of new genetic therapy techniques, gene therapy as applied to human disease including preclinical animal experiments, novel platform technologies for gene transfer and gene expression analysis are covered.

Genetic Vaccines and Therapy. 2003-. BioMedCentral. ISSN: 1479-0556. URL: http://www.gvt-journal.com/. Treating human disease, identification of pathogen genes for vaccines and gene targets for therapy, novel gene transfer vectors and methods of gene delivery, experimental models and mechanisms of immunoprotection, and treatment of acquired and inherited genetic deficiencies. DNA vaccines and gene therapy also covers new biocompatible delivery materials.

Molecular Endocrinology. 1987- . Baltimore MD: Endocrine Society. Monthly. ISSN: 0888-8809. URL: http://mend.endo-journals.org/. Publishes papers that use a molecular approach to study the mechanism of action of hormones and related substances and their regulation in nonprimate and primate cells.

Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2004- . Washington DC: American Chemical Society. Bi-monthly. ISSN: 1543-8384. URL: http:// pubs.acs.org/journals/mpohbp/. Focuses on molecular and mechanistic research, emphasizing chemistry of drug delivery, drug and delivery system properties, drug transport and metabolism processes, and enzyme and transporter targets.

Molecular Pharmacology. Bethesda MD: American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET). Monthly. ISSN: 0026-895X. URL: http://molpharm.aspet.jour-nals.org/. Encourages new information on drug action or selective toxicity at the molecular level and studies molecular mechanisms, including studies of receptors, signaling, pathways, enzymes, channels, and transcriptional mechanisms. Molecular modeling relevant to drug design or drug activity also covered.

Molecular Therapy. 2000- . Elsevier Academic Press. Monthly. ISSN: 1525-0016. URL: http://www.elsevier.com/ locate/issn/1525-0016. Covers gene transfer, gene regulation, gene discovery, cell therapy, experimental models, correction of genetic and acquired diseases, and clinical trials. Official journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy (ASGT).

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