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In the United States, public companies are required to report their financial performance quarterly, with an annual report required at the end of the fiscal year. Non-U.S. companies with a stock trading on a U.S. stock exchange must also file quarterly and annual statements. Even foreign, public companies not on a U.S. exchange file annual reports for use by investors, analysts, and employees. Annual and quarterly reports are often found on the companies' websites listed under investor relations. In the United States, these reports are available from the Securities and Exchange Commission ( at no charge. Financial information on private companies is much more difficult to find. Users must depend on disclosure by the private company or rely on primary research vendors for information.

There are dozens of resources that provide financial data. Free, web-based resources that aggregate news, financial, and analyst information in a user-friendly format include: Quicken (, Bloomberg (, and CNNMoney ( Of particular note is Yahoo®Finance ( which has links to Yahoo®Finance in Europe and Asia. The following resources generally require a fee or subscription for use.

Dun's Financial Records Plus®. The D&B Corporation, 103 JFK Parkway, Short Hills, NJ 07078, U.S.A. Phone: +1 800234-3867. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: http://www.dnb. com. D&B collects information on 75 million firms in 214 countries around the world. In addition to public companies, D&B also covers private companies who submit their data to D&B. Dun's Financial Records Plus (available online from DIALOG) has three years of comprehensive financial information, including the company's income statement, balance sheet, and financial ratios for profitability and liquidity. There is also a textual description of the company history. Search options include company name, location, SIC code, and D-U-N-S number. D&B has global as well as geographic specific databases.

EDGAR Online, 50 Washington Street, 9th Floor, Norwalk, CT 06854, U.S.A. Phone: +1 800-416-6651, Fax: +1 203852-5667. URL: EDGAR Online provides business, financial and competitive information that is disclosed in SEC filings in various formats. The financial databases contain SEC filings from 1994 to present. Users can download the data in various formats including the original submitted format, HTML, Rich Text, PDF, and for the financial data, spreadsheet-ready formats. EDGAR Online also has financial databases for international companies with information compiled from annual and interim reports; data on Initial Public Offerings (IPO) from the registration statements; a Fundamentals database that collects financial information from SEC filings and creates a common format for comparisons across companies and industries; and stock quotes, data and corporate news. There are also subscription databases such as EDGAR Online Pro and TopicPro that aggregate the data and allow users to set up alerts and profiles. EDGAR Online offers a suite of products for different applications and also offers a choice of data delivery options.

EvaluatePharma. 11-29 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, U.K. Phone: +44-20-7377-0800. E-mail: [email protected] URL: North American contact: Phone: +1 866-806-1309. E-mail: [email protected] EvaluatePharma compiles historical and projected financials for nearly 250 of the leading global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Evaluate-Pharma also retains historical data for companies that no longer exist due to merger/acquisition or dissolution of a joint venture. The Historic module includes 1600 data items per year, which includes full reported financials and notes. The Forecast Module has approximately 750 forecast financial and operating data items to 2009 with data taken from both analyst consensus and EvaluatePharma analysis. The Products Module Tracks over 7500 products and includes compounds from the research stage through launch. For historical financials, actual company figures are used while consensus is used for forecast sales through 2009. Peak sales are available for nearly 1000 drugs. The database also features a merger tool allowing users to "create" new corporate entities and analyze future performance. The EvaluatePharma database allows users to download data into Excel format, create ratios using a formula writer, search and rank companies by individual data items, view data in any currency, and change data layouts. Users can also create reports and customized company groups. The database is updated monthly and also includes a news service with company press releases. Access is available through an Internet subscription.

Hoover's. Phone: +1 866464-3202. URL: http://www.hoovers. com. Hoover's is an online database of over 12 million public and private companies. There is in-depth coverage of about 40,000 of the world's top businesses. Coverage can include company overview, executives, financials, competitors, company history, and news. Users can search by company name, stock ticker symbol, keyword, and executive name. Access is available through Internet subscription.

MultexNet. Reuters. Phone: +1 800-721-2225. URL: http:// MultexNet, a Reuters service, is a resource for broker research, morning notes, independent research, consensus and detailed estimates, and financial information. The Web-based database covers more than 25,000 global companies. There are also links to SEC filings, a screening tool to create target company lists and the option to set up alerts. There are also solutions for portfolio managers and buy-side analysts.

OneSource Information Services Inc., 300 Baker Avenue, Concord, MA 01742, U.S.A. Phone: +1 978-318-4300, Fax: +1 978-318-4690. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: http:// OneSource integrates data from nearly 1.8 million public and private large and mid-sized global companies with supplemental business and finance data gathered from

30 providers. The tool allows users to aggregate information on company history, competition, industry, executives, news coverage, analyst reports, and financials in one view. One-Source also provides data across an industry such as overviews of market size, top players, industry news, and statistics. Users are also able to use the search engine to create target company lists by location, SIC code, number of employees, sales revenue, and other criteria including financial metrics. Access is available through an Internet subscription and customized desktop solutions are also available.

Thomson Business Intelligence. 1100 Regency Parkway, Suite 10, Cary, NC 27511, U.S.A. Phone: +1 800-334-2564. E-mail: tib. [email protected] URL: Thomson Business Intelligence incorporates broker research (formerly known as Intelliscope), news (formerly known as NewsEdge) and market research (formerly known as Profound). The broker research modules has over 2 million analysts' reports covering nearly 38,000 global companies. The interface has been redesigned and a new proprietary taxonomy with more than 855,000 terms has been added.

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