Further Reading On Commercial Patent Databases

Austin R, Ridley D. "Information Resources for Biotechnologists, Part 1: Sequences.'' ChemAust 2002; 6(7):4-12. A comparison of the coverage and completeness of biosequence data in the major databases, GenBank, GeneSeq, and the CAS Registry File.

Lambert N. "How to Search the IFI Comprehensive Database Online. Tips and Techniques.'' Database 1986; 10(6):46-59. A description of the indexing systems used for the IFICDB for retrieval of chemical structures, polymer structures, general thesaurus terms, and standardized bibliographic elements. Although use of the IFICDB files is restricted to subscribers, the general term vocabulary and a less detailed chemical indexing system are available to nonsubscribers for limited use in a sister file, the IFIUDB.

O'Hara MP, Pagis C. "The PHARMSEARCH Database.'' J. Chem. Inf. Comput. Sci. 1991; 31(1): 59-63. A description of the content and indexing systems used for the PHARM-SEARCH database of pharmaceutical patents. This database was originally produced by INPI for use by French patent examiners and the chemical indexing was combined with the Markush DARC indexing of DWPI records. Separate indexing of records for the PHARMSEARCH bibliographic database was discontinued in 2000, but the earlier indexing remains accessible on the Questel-Orbit service.

Xu G, Webster A, Doran E. "Patent Sequence Databases.'' World Patent Inf. 2002; 24:95-101. A description of the sources and coverage of the major biosequence databases, GenBank, GeneSeq, and the CAS Registry File.

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