Further Reading On Patent

Adams SR. "Comparing the IPC and the US Classification Systems for the Patent Searcher.'' World Patent Inf. 2001; 23:15-23. A comparison of the organizational philosophies of the International Patent Classification system and the U.S. national classification system and the differences in information retrieval that result.

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The Collection of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA). World Industrial Property Organization, Geneva. URL: http://www. wipo.int/clea/en/index.jsp. The text of intellectual property laws of all countries and patenting authorities that make them available to WIPO for publication on the Internet, many with English language translations.

Derwent Global Patent Sources. London: Thomson Derwent, 2002. An overview of international patents directed to patent law in general and the source documents used in database creation. It contains a collection of short summaries of the patent laws and documentation of countries covered by the DWPI, and is republished as a bound volume on a relatively frequent basis.

Derwent Guide to Patent Expiries. 9th ed. London: Thomson Derwent, 2004. A collection of short summaries of the patent terms and legislation of countries covered by the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI) and INPADOC, republished frequently as a bound volume and updated on the Derwent Web site (http://www.derwent.com).

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