Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. London, U.K.: Nature Publishing Group. Monthly. ISSN 1474-1776. URL: http:// Provides an integrated approach across the entire field of drug discovery, from chemistry to disease mechanisms and novel therapeutic approaches.

Drug Discovery Today. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Bimonthly. ISSN 1359-6446. URL: journal/13596446. Highly authoritative journal in the field of drug discovery. Addresses scientific developments, technologies management, commercial, and regulatory issues.

Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs. London, U.K.: Ashley. Monthly. ISSN 1354-3784. URL: http://konstanza.ashley-pub. com/vl=3970151/cl=12/nw=1/rpsv/journal/journal5_home.htm. Reports on basic research and developments from animal studies through to the launch of a new medicine. Ashley is publishing a full range of journals on various issues covering new investigational drugs.

Investigational New Drugs. Berlin: Springer. Quarterly. ISSN 0167-6997. URL: Interdisciplinary journal on anticancer drug development.

Assay and Drug Development Technologies. Larchmont, NY: Mary Ann Liebert. Bimonthly. ISSN 1540-658X. URL: http:// Covers early stage screening techniques and tools to identify novel leads and targets.

Journal of Drug Targeting. Abingdon, England: Taylor and Francis. Ten issues/yr. ISSN 1061-186X. URL: http://www.

Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents. London, U.K.: Ashley. Monthly. ISSN 1354-3776. URL: http://hermia.ashley-pub. com/vl=9830526/cl=42/nw=1/rpsv/journal/journal7_home.htm. Reports technological advances and developments in pharmaceutical patents.

Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy. London, U.K.: Ashley. Monthly. ISSN 1465-6566. URL: http://hermia.ashley-pub. com/vl=9830526/cl=42/nw=1/rpsv/journal/journal6_home.htm. Contains evaluation and review of newly approved drugs and drug classes.

Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets. London, U.K.: Ashley. Bimonthly. ISSN 1472-8222. URL: http://hermia.ashley-pub. com/vl=9830526/cl=42/nw=1/rpsv/journal/journal14728222_ about.htm. Contains reports and reviews on developments in the field of drug target discovery and validation.

Drug Development Research. New York: Wiley-Liss. Monthly. ISSN 0272-4391. URL: cgi-bin/jhome/34597. Focuses on research topics related to the discovery and development of new therapeutic entities.

Current Opinion in Drug Discovery and Development. London, U.K.: Thomson. Bimonthly. ISSN 1367-6733. URL: http:// Focuses on the chemical aspects of drug discovery and development.

Current Opinion in Investigational Drugs. London, U.K.: Thomson. ISSN 1472-4472. URL: http://scientific.thomson. com/products/coid/.

Current Opinion in Molecular Therapeutics. London, U.K.: Thomson. ISSN 1464-3499. URL: http://scientific.thomson. com/products/comt.

Drug Discovery and Development. Rockaway, NJ: Reed Business Information. Monthly. URL: Drug discovery magazines available free of charge.

Current Drug Discovery. London: PharmaPress. Monthly. ISSN 1472-7463. URL: Ceased publication at the end of 2004.

Expert Opinion on Emerging Drugs. Biannual. ISSN 14728214. URL: nw=1/rpsv/journal/journal14728214_about.htm.

IDrugs: Investigational Drugs Journal. ISSN: 1369-7056. URL:

Perspectives in Drug Discovery and Design. Dordrecht: Kluwer. ISSN 0928-2866. URL: http://www.kluweronline. com/issn/0928-2866/.

Drug Information Journal. Horsham, PA. ISSN 0092-8615. URL: journal_index.cfm. Nonmembers have access to full text for all issues except the two most recent years.

Modern Drug Discovery. Washington, DC: American Chemical Society. Monthly. ISSN 1532-4486. URL: http://pubs.acs. org/journals/mdd/. American Chemical Society's free full text electronic-access journal.

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