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The Revised Authoritative Guide To Vaccine Legal Exemptions

Vaccines Have Serious Side Effects

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Drug Discovery Today. Oxford: Elsevier. Semimonthly. ISSN: 1359-6446. Scope includes cutting-edge R&D technologies, impact of genomics, proteomics, informatics, systems biology, chemistry and biology, advanced therapeutic approaches, vaccines, diagnostics, clinical trials, new business strategies, novel drug, and gene delivery systems.

Nature. London: Nature Publishing. Weekly. ISSN: 0028-0836.

Nature Biotechnology. New York: Nature Publishing. Monthly. ISSN: 1087-0156. The primary function is to publish novel biological research papers that demonstrate the possibility of significant application in the pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, and environmental sciences. An equally important function is to provide analysis of, and commentary on, the research published, as well as on the business, regulatory, and societal activities that influence this research.

Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. London: Nature Publishing. Monthly. ISSN: 1474-1776. Integrates aspects of drug discovery and development, target validation, lead-compound identification and optimization, preclinical screening, toxico-logical profiling, clinical evaluation, and regulatory decision. Covers target discovery, rational drug design, combinatorial and parallel synthesis, medicinal chemistry, natural products, high-throughput screening, microarrays, bioinformatics and chemoinformatics, absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination (ADME), pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaco-genomics and toxicogenomics, drug delivery, biopharmaceuti-cals, biotechnology, vaccines, clinical trial evaluation, regulatory issues, and pharmacoeconomics.

Science. Washington, DC: American Association for the Advancement of Science. Weekly. ISSN: 0193-4511.

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