Key CI Sources Specific to Medical Devices and Drug Delivery

BBI Newsletter. Atlanta, GA: Thomson American Health Consultants. ISSN: 1049-4316. Available electronically. A leading source of news and analysis on market size and direction in the high-tech medical device industry.

Clinica World Medical Device and Diagnostic News. UK: PJB Publications Ltd. Weekly. Available electronically. Good source for international information, with excellent articles on FDA activities from a non-U.S. perspective.

Espicom Business Intelligence. Various publications. UK: Espicom Business Intelligence. Espicom publishes several premium publications devoted to the medical device industry. Medistat Market Profiling provides in-depth reports of the medical market in over 70 countries. Puts the medical market into context against the political, economic, and demographic conditions of the country. Updated monthly. A full subscription includes a 30 page monthly news bulletin, MediSTAT News. Medical Device Company Analysis (MDCA) provides extensive reports on some 80 companies and their subsidiaries. Each report includes details on corporate activity, products, R&D, mergers and acquisitions, and an in-depth five-year financial analysis. Individual reports updated every few years. Drug Delivery Intelligence File (DDIF) is a daily-updated online business resource. Includes news, company profiles, and product/technology information. Several newsletters provide focused coverage, especially for international news. Cardiovascular Device Business, Drug Delivery Insight, Medical Imaging Business, Orthopaedics Business, and Medical Industry Week are available in print or online, where news is updated daily. Espicom also publishes a limited number of Fact Books and other market reports, including The World Medical Market Fact Book 2004 and The Executive Guide to Molecular Imaging. All of these resources are included in a searchable database (with a subscription) from Espicom's Web site. Many are also available in print format.

The Gray Sheet. Chevy Chase, MD: FDC Reports. Weekly. ISSN: 1530-1214. Available electronically. Mandatory reading for those working in the device industry. In-depth specialized coverage of the medical device, diagnostic, and instrumentation industries, including regulatory and legislative activities, product development, marketing and promotion, and industry developments.

MedMarkets. Foothill Ranch, CA: MedMarket Diligence, LLC. Monthly. ISSN: 1541-0862. Available electronically. A newsletter providing medical device market analysis. Each issue features two leading articles on a device market, plus updates on clinical findings, market developments, and the medical technology and biotechnology industries.

Medtech Insight. Newport Beach, CA: Medtech Insight LLC. Monthly. Available electronically. From the publisher of market reports, this newsletter provides detailed coverage of medical technology and market developments.—Medical and Healthcare Marketplace Guide. Philadelphia: Dorland Healthcare Information. A respected, extensive reference on all aspects of the biomedical industry. Research Reports on various industry segments are compiled using data from numerous resources. A good source for learning about a particular market. Provides sometimes hard-to-find industry statistics, history, and trends. Company profiles contain financial data and operating results, business histories and descriptions, mergers and acquisitions, subsidiaries, and types of products or services offered, for over 8000 pharmaceutical, medical device, health-care services, and biotechnology companies. As of 2004 offered online only. Subscription required.

Technical Insights. New York: Frost & Sullivan. Frequency varies—monthly or bimonthly. No ISSN. A series of newsletters, including Medical Device Technology Alert, Inside R&D, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, High-Tech Materials Alert, and Advanced Coatings and Surface Technology. Reports on key emerging technologies, the latest research, new patents, government-sponsored programs, and innovative ideas. Technology forecasting, integration and impact analysis is sometimes provided. Frost & Sullivan analysts attend conferences, interview researchers, and monitor technology transfer and other sources in compiling alerts. Subscription-based. Print and online.

The Wall Street Transcript—Healthcare Focus. New York: The Wall Street Transcript. URL: Begun over 40 years ago, a unique resource for CI, strategic planning, marketing, and investor relations. Includes industry reports from the perspective of wall street analyst and CEO interviews providing unique insights into specific companies. Healthcare Focus sector includes coverage of drug delivery, large cap medical technology stocks, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and pharmaceuticals. Recent publications include the Medical Supplies and Devices Issue, a 190-page report with insight from five analysts and top management from 31 sector firms, and CEO interviews with Endologix, Celsion, Protein Polymer Technologies, and Neoprobe. Also sponsors conferences.

Windhover Information Inc. Various publications, databases, and conferences. London: Windhover Information Inc. Provider of health-care business intelligence. Key publications include: In Vivo: The Business and Medicine Report. ISSN: 0733-1398. Provides analysis into company strategy, marketplace trends, key industry events, and dealmaking. Covers pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, hospital supply, and in vitro diagnostics. Print and online. Start-Up. ISSN: 1090-4417. Review of emerging medical ventures. Print and online. Windhover's Strategic Intelligence Systems (SIS) is a suite of databases—Strategic Transactions and Strategic Commentaries, providing insight into the dealmaking trends, market developments, and corporate strategies shaping the global health care industry. Also sponsors conferences and audio conferences. Recent programs include: Annual Phoenix Medical Device/Diagnostics Conference, The Start-Up Forum: Bringing Follow-On Funding to Health Care, and Jumpstart to Products: Recognizing R&D Value Others Miss.

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