If the regulatory authorities approve a new drug, the company is then authorized to market the drug. These days, the marketing process actually begins in the very early phases of development. Because the entire R&D process is so expensive, companies must first determine whether or not there is a sufficient need for the new drug and what the potential economic benefit to the company will be. Detailed analyses are performed to identify the most advantageous areas of research and to get a feel for the existing market. The company must also secure adequate pricing and reimbursement from insurance companies and managed care organizations so that doctors will prescribe the drug and patients will purchase it. Marketing encompasses a wide range of activities, from actual sales, to medical education, to product literature and publications (see Chapter 7).

The following is a list of resources for additional information on the drug discovery and development process. This list is by no means comprehensive, but is intended as a starting point for further research on the topic.

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