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Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. 1991- . Philadelphia, PA: AACR. Monthly. pISSN: 1055-9965. URL: Cancer causation, mechanisms of carcinogenesis, prevention, and survivorship; descriptive, analytical, biochemical, and molecular epidemiology; use of biomarkers to study neoplastic and preneoplastic processes in humans; chemoprevention and other types of prevention trials; role of behavioral factors in cancer etiology and prevention within scope.

Expert Reviews in Molecular Medicine. 1997- . Cambridge, U.K.: Cambridge University Press. Electronic. ISSN: 14623994. URL: Their definition of molecular medicine is the understanding of health and disease at the cellular and molecular level; the use of this information to design new approaches to promote health, and prevent, diagnose, cure and treat disease; examples include gene therapy, DNA-based testing, vaccine design, the study of disease processes at the molecular level (including the epidemiological study of large numbers of people).

Molecular Cancer Research. 2002- . Philadelphia, PA: AACR. Monthly. ISSN: 1541-7786. URL: Molecular and cellular aspects of cancer and the implications for cancer therapeutics in: angiogenesis, metastasis, cellular microenvironment, cancer genes and genomics, cell cycle, cell death, and senescence, DNA damage and cellular stress responses, model organisms, signaling, and regulation in scope. Formerly Cell Growth and Differentiation.

Molecular Interventions. 2001- . Bethesda, MD: American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET). pISSN: 1541-7786. URL: Pharmacological perspectives from biology, chemistry, and genomics covered.

Nature Medicine. 1999- . New York: Nature Publishing. Monthly. ISSN: 1078-8956. URL: nm/. Articles cover fields such as cancer biology, cardiovascular research, gene therapy, immunology, vaccine development, and neuroscience, aiming to keep Ph.D. and M.D. readers informed of a wide range of biomedical research findings.

PLOS Medicine. 2004- . San Francisco, CA: Public Library of Science. Monthly, new articles published weekly. URL: http:// = index-html&issn= 1549-1676. PLOS is an open access international, modern, general medical journal, covering all areas in the medical sciences, from basic studies to large clinical trials and cost-effectiveness analyses. It concentrates on human studies that enhance our understanding of disease epidemiology, etiology, and physiology; the development of prognostic and diagnostic technologies; and trials that test the efficacy of specific interventions and those that compare different treatments. It publishes original research and commentary that promotes translation both of basic research into clinical investigation and of clinical evidence into practice.

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