Patent Databases

There are three types of patent databases of interest to the pharmaceutical industry: those that index all patents from one or more countries and/or technical fields without adding significant value to the database records; those that provide added value with abstracts or proprietary indexing applied by the database producer; and databases that track information about new or approved drugs.

The bibliographic data, full text or claims, and abstracts of all patents from one or more countries are available in a great many databases, both through traditional search services and via the Internet. Patents and applications issued by the U.S., EPO, and WIPO (PCT) are available from most major search services. Patents and/or published patent applications can be searched through the text of abstract, claims and disclosure, International Patent Classification (IPC) or national patent classification codes, relevant dates, and the names of inventors and patentees.

Full text or bibliographic databases are available at no cost through the Internet from many of the major patenting authorities.

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