Pharmacogenomics Databases

Marshfield Clinic's Personalized Medicine Research Project. URL:

PharmGKB. Stanford University. URL: http://www. Part of NIH Pharmacogenetics Research Network (PGRN), a central repository for genetic and clinical information about people who have participated in research studies at various medical centers in the PGRN.

In addition, genomic data, molecular and cellular phenotype data, and clinical phenotype data are accepted from the scientific community at large. NIH PGRN currently funds clinical and basic pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomic research in the cardiovascular, pulmonary, cancer, pathways, metabolic, and transporter domains.

Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Database (dbSNP) of Nucleotide Sequence Variation. URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm. Uses SNP in the much looser sense of minor genetic variations and includes microsatellite repeats and small insertion/deletion polymorphisms.

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