Pharmacogenomics Journals

American Journal of Pharmacogenomics. 2001-. New Zealand: Adis. 6 issues/yr. ISSN: 1175-2203. URL: http://pt.wkhealth. com/pt/re/pcg/home.htm. Genomic research and technology in drug development and clinical medicine; detection, monitoring and treatment of molecular causes of disease; genetic variations affecting drug response, drug metabolism, adverse effects, and/or disease progression; genomic and proteomic technologies; rational drug design and diagnostics; emerging technologies; and ethical and regulatory issues covered.

Pharmacogenomics Journal. 2001- . Nature Publishing. 6 issues/yr. pISSN: 1470-269X. URL: tpj/. Covers effects of genetic variability on drug toxicity and efficacy, identification and functional characterization of polymorphisms relevant to drug action, pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic variations and drug efficacy, integration of new developments in the genome project and proteomics into clinical medicine, pharmacology, and therapeutics. Official Journal of the International Society of Pharmacogenomics.

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