Over the past few years many reports have been published on pharmacoeconomics, pricing, and reimbursement issues. Most of the major market research firms that cover the pharmaceutical industry have published on these topics. Following is a list of the more recent titles, but a search in any of the market research portals using the terms "pharmacoeconomic(s),'' "pricing," "reimbursement," or "health economics'' will usually yield a good result. See Chapter 7, "Sales and Marketing,'' for more details on market research providers.

Pricing and Reimbursement 2005/2006, Evaluating Key Strategic Issues. Visiongain. August 2005: 200pp.

Pharmaceutical Pricing Strategies: Price optimization, reimbursement, and regulation in Europe, US, and Japan. Business Insights. April 2005: 240 pp.

Pharmacoeconomics & Success in the Marketplace. Vision-gain. January 2005: 174 pp.

The Pharmacoeconomics Outlook: Turning Value-for-Money Requirements into a Competitive Advantage. Business Insights. December 2, 2003: 145 pp.

International Pricing and Reimbursement Analysis. Navigant Consulting Inc. December 2003:137 pp.

A Guide to Achieving Reimbursement for Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Pharmaceuticals in the United States. Drug and Market Development. July 2003:170 pp.

The Pharmaceutical Pricing Compendium—A practical guide to the pricing and reimbursement of medicines. Urch Publishing Ltd. March 2003:140 pp.

Health Economics in the Drug Life Cycle—Achieving success in drug discovery, development, reimbursement, and marketing. Urch Publishing Ltd. January 2003.

Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement in Europe—2002 Edition. Scrip Reports. May 2002.

Pharmacoeconomic Evaluations—A Review of Drug Treatments in Alzheimer's Disease. Datamonitor. December 2001: 38 pp.

Strategic Perspectives 2001: Cancer Cost Analysis— Pharmacoeconomic Perspectives on Breast Cancer Pharma-cotherapy. Datamonitor. November 2001:208 pp.

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