Syndicated Market Research

As noted in the introduction to this section, market research is a prime resource for competitive intelligence information. Typical market reports will include a detailed description of the particular market, incidence/prevalence/mortality data (for disease states), key players in the market, and an analysis of where this market is headed. Information from market studies is often used by corporate departments, such as business development and sales and marketing, to identify competitors, emerging markets, and evaluate growth industries.

The market research vendors listed below either specialize in or devote a large portion of their reports to the medical device and drug delivery markets. To identify relevant reports without going to each individual publisher's site, several free market report aggregators are available. These are listed after the descriptions of the specific market report publishers. More detailed information about syndicated market research and the specific vendors listed below can be found in Chapter 7, "Sales and Marketing.''

Business Communications Company, Inc. (BCC). 25 Van Zant St., Norwalk, CT 06855, U.S.A. Phone: +1 203-853-4266, Fax: +1 203-853-0348. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: http:// Provides industry research and technical market analysis in many industries, including advanced materials, biotechnology/life sciences, nanotechnology, and plastics/polymers. All reports are available online. Recent report titles include: Biocompatible Materials for the Human Body, Patient Monitoring Devices, Biomedical Applications of Nanoscale Devices, and Advanced Drug Delivery Systems: New Development, New Technologies.

Datamonitor. Charles House, 108-110 Finchley RoaNew Technologies, London NW3 5JJ, U.K. Phone: +44-20-767-57000, Fax: +44-20-767-57500. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: In the health-care field, covers the biotechnology, drug delivery, and medical device markets. Recent titles include: Commercial Perspectives: U.S. Hip and Knee Replacement—Market Surges in New Millenium, Stakeholder Opinion: Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery—Surgeons Await Helping Hand from Manufacturers, and Injectable Drug Delivery: Probing the Route to Growth.

The Freedonia Group Inc. 767 Beta Drive, Cleveland, OH 44143, U.S.A. Phone: +1 440-684-9600, Fax: +1 440-646-0484. URL: Publishes Freedonia

Focus Reports, short reports on specific aspects of an industry, and complete market reports. Industry report categories include life sciences and biotechnology and medical and pharmaceutical products. Recent titles include: Freedonia Focus on Medical Equipment, Cosmetic Surgery Products to 2007, Drug Delivery Systems to 2007, and Medical Adhesives and Sealants to 2007.

Frost & Sullivan. 7550 West Interstate 10, Suite 400, San Antonio, TX 78229, U.S.A. Phone: +1 877-4637678, Fax: +1 888-690-3329. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: http:// One of the major market report publishers, founded in 1961 and focusing on emerging high technology and industrial markets. Healthcare sector coverage includes biotechnology, medical devices and surgical patient care, clinical/laboratory diagnostics, medical devices and surgical patient care, medical imaging, and patient monitoring. Recent titles include: U.S. Medical Lasers Markets, Advances in Biomaterials: Technical Impact Assessment, The European Market for Interventional Cardiology, and North American Adjunctive Breast Imaging and Automated Biopsy Equipment Markets.

Kalorama Information. 641 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10011, North American Adjunctive Breast Imaging and Automated Biopsy Equipment Mar-ketsrk, NY 10011, U.S.A. Phone: +1 212-807-2660, Fax: +1 212-807-2676. URL: Devotes its business intelligence and market research to the life sciences. Recent titles include: The Worldwide Market for Catheters: 2004 Update, The U.S. Market for Interven-tional Radiology Markets, The U.S. Market for Molecular Diagnostics, and Cardiovascular Disease: The 45+ Market in the United States for Drugs and Medical Devices.

MedMarket Diligence, LLC. 51 Fairfield, Foothill Ranch, CA 92610-1856, U.S.A. Phone: +1 949-859-3401 or +1 866-8201357, Fax: +1 949-837-4558. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: Focuses solely on new medical technology. A major resource for medical device information specialists. In addition to market reports, publishes the monthly newsletter MedMarkets, focusing on market developments and analysis in biotechnology, medical devices, and biomaterials. Market reports range in price from $1175 to nearly $4000. Recent titles include: Heart Failure Management: Products, Systems and Opportunities, Ablation Technologies: Trends and Opportunities in the Markets for Ablation and Other Energy-Based Therapies, Gene Therapy: Worldwide Current Development and Market Potential, and The U.S. Therapeutic Oncology Market, 2003-2013: Technologies, Trends and Opportunities.

Medtech Insight, LLC. 23 Corporate Plaza, Suite 225, Newport Beach, CA 92660, U.S.A. Phone: +1 949-219-0150, Fax: +1 949-219-0067. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: An important source for business information and intelligence in the medical device industry. New trends, technologies, and companies are covered. Recent titles include: U.S. Opportunities in Drug Delivery Technologies, U.S. Markets for Image-Guided Surgery Products, Current and Emerging Wound Closure Products and Techniques in Europe and the U.S., and U.S. Markets for Critical Care Patient Management Products.

Millennium Research Group. 151 Bloor Street West, Suite 480, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1S4. Phone: +1 416-364-7776, Fax: +1 416-364-8246. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: http:// Provides strategic research and consulting services to the medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries. Also provides a comprehensive medical device e-commerce research program and surveys of specialty physicians and surgeons about emerging technologies in their fields. Good global coverage. Reports are priced from around $3000 to $5000. Most reports are available online. Recent titles include: Japanese Markets for Peripheral Vascular Devices 2003, Competitor Insights for Trauma Devices 2003, Emerging Technologies in Spine Surgery: NASS Surgeon Survey 2003, and Global Markets for Powered Surgical Instruments 2003.

PJB Publications. USA Inc., 270 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016, U.S.A. Phone: +1 212-262-8230, Fax: +1 212-2628234. E-mail: [email protected]. URL: http:// A leading provider of business information for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, instrumentation, crop protection, animal health and brewing industries. PJB is based in the United Kingdom, with offices in the U.S.A. PJB has several divisions of particular interest to medical device and drug delivery professionals. Clinical Reports published for over 20 years focus on the medical device and diagnostics marketplace. Detailed reports include market analysis, strategic management, competitor analysis and regulatory data. Recent titles include: The Obesity Devices—A Growing Market and New Horizons in Wound Management. Theta Reports—Focus on medical device, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotech markets. Market research reports for business develoment, marketing, and research and development professionlas with focus on the U.S.

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