Trade And Nonclinical Literature Abstracts and Indexes

Nonclinical business and trade publications provide crucial information for marketers. It is a primary way to track competitor activities, emerging markets, health policy, pharmacoeco-nomics, and other factors that impact the pharmaceutical industry. There are several databases to choose from when searching the general marketing literature. One of the oldest and best known is PROMT: Predicasts Overview of Markets and Technology from Thomson Gale. PROMT® provides good coverage of the pharmaceutical and medical industries, among others. It is an excellent source for hard to find information on smaller, private companies, or start-ups.

In addition to the regular trades and press releases, the database includes content from local, national, and international newspapers, government publications, and market research studies. Users can search by SIC and NAICS codes, company name, trade name, or geographic location. It is updated daily. Retrospective coverage goes back to 1972.

Another popular tool, also by Thomson Gale, is Business & Industry®. This database includes coverage from 1700 leading trade magazines and newsletters and the general business press. It specifically covers markets and products from all major industries. Users can find information on market share, market size, company and industry forecasts, trends, demographics, product developments, mergers and acquisitions, and more. A key feature is the use of special marketing terms, which allows the user to search for specific activities, such as branding, line extensions, etc. Also of note is the indexing of tables and figures for easy data retrieval. The database is updated daily with coverage back to 1994.

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