Methods Of Guideline Development

Initial guidelines were drafted on the basis of the World Health Organization (WHO) protocol "Assessment of Therapeutic Efficacy of Antimalarial Drugs for Uncomplicated Falciparum Malaria in Areas with Intense Transmission" (WHO, 1996). The clinical development group of the Research Initiative on Traditional Antimalarial Methods (RITAM) discussed and developed these guidelines. They were then presented and debated at the WHO regional workshop on the Methodology for Evaluation of Traditional Medicines, held in Antananarivo, Madagascar, November 20-24, 2000 (Figure 21.1), and at the 10th International Workshop on Natural Products, held in Ile-Ife, Nigeria, in December 2000. WHO-AFRO (Africa Regional Office) has been using these guidelines as a basis to develop its own, which have not yet been published.

Certain aspects of the guidelines were piloted during a clinical trial of Strychnos myrtoides extract in Madagascar during 2001 (see Chapter 9). Further modifications have been made on the basis of this experience and of evaluations of WHO guidelines by Bloland et al. (1998), Plowe et al. (2001), and White (2002).

FIGURE 21.1 The WHO Regional Workshop on the Methodology for Evaluation of Traditional Medicines, November 20-24, 2000, Antananarivo, Madagascar, where a preliminary version of these guidelines was discussed and adopted. (Copyright 2000, Merlin Willcox.)
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