16. A 35-year-old woman with severe dysmenorrhea and prolonged menstrual periods due to large uterine fibroids undergoes a hysterectomy. Which of the following structures is the gynecologist most likely to inadvertently ligate during surgery?

(A) Internal iliac artery

(B) Internal iliac vein

(C) Ovarian artery

(D) Ureter

(E) Uterine vein

17. Which of the following structure does the fetal allantoic duct become in the adult?

(A) Cloaca

(B) Medial umbilical ligament

(C) Urachus

(D) Ureter

(E) Urethra

18. Most afferents to the cerebral cortex derive from the

(A) basal ganglia

(B) cerebral cortex

(C) hippocampus

(D) spinal cord

(E) thalamus

19. A prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level is drawn from a 54-year-old man as part of a routine health evaluation. Which of the following embryonic structures gives rise to the organ being screened for carcinoma?

(A) Genital tubercle

(B) Processus vaginalis

(C) Testis cords

(D) Tunica albugĂ­nea

(E) Urogenital sinus

20. A football player is examined by the team physician following a shoulder injury during a game. Preliminary x-ray films show an inferior dislocation of the humerus. On further examination, there is weakness in lateral rotation and abduction of the arm. The nerve most likely affected is the

(A) axillary

(B) dorsal scapular

(C) radial

(D) suprascapular

(E) thoracodorsal

21. Which of the following fibers provide the only output from the cerebellar cortex?

(A) Climbing

(B) Golgi cell

(C) Granule cell

(E) Parallel

(F) Purkinje

22. A 20-year-old man is stabbed immediately to the left of the body of the sternum at the fifth intercostal space. The knife most likely penetrated the

(A) left atrium

(B) left ventricle

(C) right atrium

(D) right ventricle

(E) stomach


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