Preface vii

Block 1 50 questions 1

Block 2 50 questions 19

Block 3 50 questions 39

Block 4 50 questions 59

Block 5 50 questions 79

Block 6 50 questions 99

Block 7 50 questions 121

Block 8 50 questions 141

Block! Answers,Explanations,and References 161

Block 2 Answers,Explanations,and References 179

Block 3 Answers,Explanations,and References 197

Block 4 Answers, Explanations,and References 215

Block 5 Answers, Explanations,and References 233

Terms of Use

Block 6 Answers, Explanations,and References 253 Block 7 Answers, Explanations,and References 269

Block 8 Answers, Explanations, and References 287

Bibliography 305


The current format of the United States Medical Licensing Examination Step 2 emphasizes clinical vignettes as the primary test questions. The exam is 400 questions, broken into eight blocks of 50 questions each. Students have one hour to complete each block.

Clinical Vignettes for the USMLE Step 2: Second Edition, parallels this format. The book is 400 clinical-vignette-style questions covering the clinical sciences and assembled based on the published content outline for the USMLE Step 2. The questions are divided into eight blocks of 50 questions. As on the Step 2 exam, each block tests the student in all clinical areas. Halfway through each block, a stopwatch set at 30 minutes is included to remind the student of the one-hour limit. Answers are in the second half of the book. Each answer is accompanied by a concise but comprehensive explanation and is referenced to a key textbook or journal article, a trademark of the PreTest® series.

The questions in this book were culled from the eight PreTest® Clinical Science books and were edited as needed to reflect the current USMLE format. The publisher acknowledges and thanks the following authors for their contributions to the book:

Pediatrics: Robert J. Yetman, MD Psychiatry: Giulia Mancini-Mezzacappa, MD Medicine: Steven L. Berk, MD and William R. Davis, MD Surgery: Peter L. Geller, MD

Preventive Medicine and Public Health: Sylvie Ratelle, MD, MPH Neurology: Mitchell Elkind, MD

Physical Diagnosis: Jo-Ann Reteguiz, MD and Beverly Cornel-Avendano, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Mark I. Evans, MD and Kenneth A. Ginsburg, MD

McGraw-Hill November 2000

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