AActive Treatment

NOTE: Remember to continue to evaluate and treat the patient for other injuries. Consult STP 8-91W-SM-TG for additional information,

(1) Administer oxygen.

(2) Prevent aspiration.

(3) Initiate an intravenous (IV) infusion of normal saline (NS).

(4) Monitor the patient's vital signs and be alert for respiratory arrest.

(5) Prevent the patient from harming himself or others.

(6) Contact the Poison Control Center if readily accessible. (Some, but not all, overdoses are treated by inducing vomiting.)

CAUTION: Avoid stimulants for DEPRESSANTS.

b. Passive Treatment. Probable use with stimulant overdose.

(1) Summon military police (MP) assistance for a violent patient.

(2) Use verbal control ("talk down") with the patient, if possible.

(3) Provide a quiet place for the patient to "crash."

c. Transport. Transport the patient to the nearest medical treatment facility

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