BPhysical Symptoms of Depression

(1) Change in eating habits.

(a) Extreme weight loss.

(b) Extreme weight gain.

(2) Change in sleeping habits.

(a) Inability to sleep (insomnia).

(b) Excessive sleep.

(3) Change in normal energy level.

(a) Low energy level (chronic tiredness).

(b) Overactivity (agitation).

(c) Restlessness.

(d) Physical exhaustion.

(4) Change in normal mental response.

(a) Difficulty in decision-making.

(b) Confused thinking.

(c) Short attention span.

(5) Complaints about physical problems.

(b) Head, extremities.

(c) Constipation.

(d) Decreased sexual performance, desire.

NOTE: The medical specialist should be alert to possible emotional problems which may be signaled by surface physical complaints. Remember that a substance abuser may also exhibit some of the physical problems.

(6) Personal injury, accidental dismemberment, or carelessness around field equipment.

NOTE: Depression is the single most outstanding characteristic of suicide and potential suicide; thus, the signs and symptoms of depression and potential suicide are the same.

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